Charge Back Services

Charge Back

A client places a dispute on an online transaction, resulting in a chargeback from echargeback solutions. There are many reasons for chargebacks, but the most common are products, services, quality disputes or processing errors and all other sort of online fraud from companies or individuals

echargeback may incur additional charges for your business. which is paid after money has been recovered. Therefore, it’s important to know how to minimise the hassle and cost of echargebacks services in the future.

Chargeback Policies

  1. To start with, the only fees chargeback demands prior to starting a process is a one time fee, ranging from $100 to $300. This fee is meant to cover the registration per chargeback process. 
  2. The costs of processing the transaction, including the legal authorities fee (lawyers), is payable after money is recovered from the process
  3. The merchant also loses the cost of the goods Merchandise associated with a chargeback is rarely returned to them, so the merchant forfeits the money spent on the item and any potential for future profitability.
  4. Chargebacks goes through a legal refund process with lawyers to forcibly remove funds from the merchant’s account or bank insurance refund system BIRS. Unless the merchant’s representment case is successful, that revenue is lost forever. 
  5. All echargeback’s services are treated simultaniously and clients privacy under protection. 

Different Types of Fraud

The very first step in reducing chargebacks is determining the trust point of who you are dealing with. Despite the numerous types of online scams, here are is the list of some popular scam type :

Product Scam : Majority of reported scams are product scam which involves products bought and never received. 

B2B  Fraud: Also known as commodities or trading fraud, this is where criminals companies pretend to sell in bulk, customers place orders to be shipped and never receive the product either . This is very popular from business to business sites such as,, etc. eChargeback retrieves this money via legal means

Service Fraud: . This is where an individual or company pay for online services and finally end up being scammed.

Employment : Also known as job scam, Mostly affected by those who are desperately in need of employment.

Other types of  Fraud: There are many other types of scams not mentioned on our page. Kindly send us an email with a complaint and we will process the case and revert back with a notification if we could follow a charge back or not.

Minimize fraud and protect your reputation

We protect you from fraud seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our full fraud prevention system (both automated screening and manual review) is active year round in order to insulate from the damage that fraudulent attacks can do to your product, your reputation and your bottom line. On top of non-stop fraud prevention, our expert analysts continually:

  • Refine fraud detection algorithms based on your specific business needs
  • Reduce review rates for your business even as your number of orders increases
  • Minimize fraud-related costs, maximize efficiency and create revenue opportunities
  • Stay on the front line of fraud prevention technology and give you a competitive advantage